When I interview an artist for an article, my favorite question to ask is: What is the most controversial piece that you've created? They laugh and a good story generally follows.
Personally, my most "controversial" ironically mild. "Status Update" settles in my mind. She's a painting that I intended to represent the classics transitioning into the future through our cultural convergence with social media. My mysterious subject had meticulous rows of glass beads for hair, crystal adornments and foil pigments in her dress. Her creation was a branching out with my mixed media repertoire. 

There's just something about her. She has cause to update her status. Where had she been? What news was she about to share?  That's the direction that I anticipated my audience to take. Simple right? Apparently not!

"Statues Update" stirred people up! She invited debate. She was viewed as a period piece with the unthinkable: a laptop! Why on earth would I create a visual mash up of things that don't go together? Holy dichotomy! The mischievous muse answers with a smile, "Why not?"

Being an artist it's all about communication. Our creative product (artwork, performance, and or photography...) is an avenue of communication. It's the product of our experience and the voice through which we invite our viewers to share in our experiences. Sometimes this is a challenge, but the challenge is how we grow. We embrace it; we strive for it. We both love and hate it. Sometimes we even lose the trail.

If I'm honest, I have to admit I'm guilty of getting so wrapped up in exploring new concepts, postures, forms, and trying new techniques that I forget about creating a piece that really speaks to my audience; that makes them ask questions. Sometimes we lose the trail of our muse. Or perhaps we need to shift to a new perspective to recapture her sight...Cheers to that most elusive muse, the one I'm happy to stumble after.



10/29/2016 8:16pm

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Every piece of art speaks differently for each person that sees it. Even the artist sees it in another way. His piece speaks from his heart and his imagination. I'm grateful that you were able to give us a small insight into a mind of an artist. It is not easy but your works speaks for itself.

12/01/2017 12:47am

People have different understanding of the word "controversial". I am not an artist nor an expert, but once you say an art is a controversial one, that must divide people with their various opinions about your artwork. There should be people who agree with your perspective, while there are also people who tend to go against you. Your artwork was such a beaut and hearing the reason why it is controversial is convincing.


You really can't be a real artist without communication! You need communicate with customers, other artists etc.

12/29/2016 4:32am

Historically, western nude oil paintings depicted the naked male body long before the naked female body. It is interesting to look at why this might have been so.

01/15/2017 10:41pm

I love the discussion you've put in this post. At the same time the painting is a great representation of most of the people nowadays. We all know communication is important, but since it's becoming too hyped, the real essence of this is being taken for granted by many. Social media websites and applications were taking our lives over without us realizing it. It changes us. This artwork was creatively done and the message is strong, I love it!

05/07/2017 5:13am

I like trying new techniques too! Always so interesting!

01/17/2018 5:33am

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