Drawing Parallels: Gregory Jones
As Published in Art*i*facts Magazine Volume 17 Number 5
By Kate Hall

It is often said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Along the journey of life, many experience their own brand of irrefutable proof that there is indeed a force larger than one’s self. For the devout artist, imitation draws a parallel between The Creator and the creative that is the very fulfillment of a soul’s longing. Gregory Jones is one such spiritual creative who is quick to acknowledge Divine influence among his life and work.

At first glance, Jones’ work appears complex in thought and most curious in content. Self-described as serious and seldom playful, Jones’ work is his avenue of expression. Being a mixed media artist his works include painting, assemblage and everything in between. The artist’s use of mundane objects often creates an air of controversy while drawing parallels to life experiences. Most striking is his affinity for layering and contrasting cold industrial textures with softer fibers. Jones develops a dynamic paradox with his use of transparent and opaque materials which create fields of view like a guided path for the eyes to wander.   

One’s early childhood memories often resonate deeply into one’s being, ever reaching, like ripples in a pool. Jones’ work is reflective of this truth. When asked about his use of bottles and cans, a common theme throughout much of his collection, Jones recalled a memory from his childhood chore list when he burned excess trash in the family fire pit. Sometimes the bottles and cans would be left charred and smoky, but otherwise steadfast in their original form. Jones was fascinated by their transformation and often fished the smoky remains from the ashes. Like a phoenix rising, these humble vessels would form the basis for his award winning works.

When asked how he came to discover his artistic calling, Jones replied ironically, “It (art) discovered me in high school.” Art has since become the driving force. Jones has continued to captivate national audiences with his complex pairings. Jones has achieved a much coveted level of success and his awards number over one thousand. Among those lauding his excellence, is Robert Hughes, art critic for Time Magazine, as well as the curators and directors of the Guggenheim, N.Y. C. and Smithsonian in Washington D. C. Despite the many accolades from some of the art world’s biggest A-listers, he has maintained an air of humble relatability that compliments his spiritual nature and his stratified creations. “I owe so much to my wife, Janet, for her many years of support”

The ripples continue reaching. In his simple studio bathed in natural light, Jones often compares his creative process to his childhood strolls through the Virginia woods. First the conscious decision to create is made and then the first steps are taken. From there, creativity never fails to join him on the journey like a faithful friend there to guide the way.

Gregory Jones regularly exhibits through the Lakeland Art Guild showcasing at the Lakeland Center. Jones also participates in the Ridge Art Association of Winter Haven. For more information on Jones, his work and where you can see his exhibited works, please contact the artist at jones.a.gregory@gmail.com.