Published Art*i*facts Magazine
  By Kate Hall

The morning light bursts forth banishing the shadows. Like curtains pulled back in a playhouse, the mountain mist recedes.  Coolness on a summer morning refreshes the body and the beauty surrounding, feeds the soul. A new day begins and “there is always something to inspire and learn.” These wise words belong to the joyful artist, Jane Bryant. Bryant summers in North Carolina, but has called Lakeland, FL home since the 1970’s. Originally from Alabama, Bryant brings a lifetime of experience and skill with her wherever she may wander.

A gracefully seasoned woman of slight build, Bryant is easily the most radiant artist I’ve ever met. Privileged to interview her in her home studio, her warmth, style and elegance were woven together like tapestry and evidenced throughout her home, gardens and studios. Tasteful antiques speak to the years she spent as interior designer, studying furniture design in Paris, and antiquing around Europe. What a treat! We settle in to talk and the real story begins, at the beginning of course.

 Bryant first realized her natural inclination towards painting with direction of her art teacher in 7th & 8th grade. Perhaps she inherited intuition and inspiration from her mother, a skilled artist. A lifelong love affair with art was born and nurtured. “I paint for the joy of it.” Pattern, line and form became the elements of Jane Bryant, the daughter, the artist, interior designer, the wife, mother, and grandmother.  The truth is she’s been keeping the collector’s gaze for a long time, ever growing and broadening her artistic range.

  Bryant’s works are varied in style and medium, though she prefers oil, watercolor and pen. Her studios are divided and perfectly suited to host creative genius at a moment’s notice. Her works are prolific; an eye for detail is the common thread that runs throughout.  A collection of ornate church drawings are cataloged from a lifetime of journeys.  ‘En plein air’ landscapes meet impressionistic photo-realism.  Striking stills, done in a high contrast chiaroscuro, evoke a reference to the Renaissance and Rocco masters; her European experiences clearly bubble up. Having studied at Florida Southern University, and privately under countless nationally recognized artist, has richly rewarded Bryant’s devotion.  Bryant’s work has won her numerous awards and recognition nationally. She belongs to many guilds and associations, spreading her joyful exuberance in fabulous style.

Jane Bryant regularly exhibits her work with the Lakeland Art Guild as well as the Bartow Art Guild. She was award a 2nd place for her painting in her recent exhibit at The Lakeland Center.  More information about her works can be found at www.janebryantpaintings.blogspot.com.